Christiane Maria Luti

Actually, I am active in two professions: mainly in the last ten years as an artist but I’m also still treating a few patients as a doctor. For me, these different levels of my activity are closer together than one might think. My approach to painting motives corresponds in a certain way to my attitude towards patients. That means, I turn to the object or person with all my senses. I then want to capture the fragile moments when a visible turning point might occur, when the situation changes for the worse or for the better. These moments are very personal, almost intimate. The curator Dr. Davood Khazaie even sees an ecstatic intimacy in theses depicted moments. And the magazine for art and culture ‚Aesthetica’ describes my paintings „as expressions of fragile moments at the interstices of time – depicting instants in which day becomes night, birds begin to take flight, and beauty teeters on a haunting intensity“. That pretty much sums it up.

The attraction that the turning point has for me is also recognizable in the way I play with realism, sometimes surrealism, by bringing the figurative close to abstraction, and the abstract close to realism. The philosopher Dr. Uwe Beyer uses to say that my way of painting can be described as concrete abstraction.

There were exhibitions of my works in Germany, Austria and Switzerland and in April there will be one in Beijing. At this point I would like to express my gratitude to Pashmin Art for providing me such an opportunity.
I would also like to refer to a book that was published last year, a German-Chinese Anthology, ‚Corona-Rhythms‘, a book for which I painted the pictures together with the Chinese paintress Li Xinmo.

For my paintings I use good pigments in acrylic resin. Sometimes I also apply a thin layer of oil, when the painting is completely dry. I always paint on canvas in many layers on top of each other with thick or very fine applications of colour. I work with brushes, palette knives and my hands and nearly always in the brush technique too.